Rehabilitation of Highway 401 Eastbound Collector Lanes from Dufferin Street to Avenue Road

MTO Contract 2013-2014

Project Background


The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has awarded a construction contract to Dufferin Construction to perform rehabilitation of Highway 401 from Dufferin Street to Avenue Road.  The purpose of the project is to rehabilitate and extend the service life of the infrastructure.


Work Will Include:

  • Rehabilitation of asphalt pavement, concrete base, and shoulders;
  • Rehabilitation of the Allen Road on- and off-ramps, Bathurst Street on-ramp, Express-to-Collector Transfer at Allen Road, and Collector-to-Express Transfer east of Avenue Road;
  • Reconstruction of the Express / Collector separator from Allen Road to east of Avenue Road;
  • Addition of a new through lane in the Highway 401 EB Collectors from west of Allen Road to Avenue Road;
  • Rehabilitation of the Allen Road Northbound structures through the Highway 401 / Allen Road Interchange;
  • Rehabilitation of the Bathurst Street Overpass;
  • Rehabilitation of the Wilson Avenue Overpass;
  • Rehabilitation of the Allen Rd. N – Highway 401 E Ramp bridge;
  • Rehabilitation of retaining walls between Allen Road and Avenue Road;
  • Installation of new overhead sign structures;
  • Replacement of noise barrier from east of Allen Road to west of Avenue Road;
  • Right-of-way fencing replacements at various locations;
  • Modifications to Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue to improve pedestrian operations;
  • Modifications to the existing underpass illumination at the Allen Road underpasses, and removal and replacement of conventional illumination at Allen Road;
  • Replacement of the Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue underpass illumination;
  • Protection, relocation, and upgrade of various Advanced Traffic Management System components;
  • Relocation of existing Variable Message Signs; and
  • Adjustment, relocation, and/or replacement of existing drainage structures.

Project Summary

This project includes the rehabilitation of pavement throughout the project limits, repair of bridges on Allen Road northbound at Highway 401, repair of the fly-over bridge from southbound Allen Road to eastbound Highway 401, and the Highway 401 Collector bridges over Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue.  A new lane will be added in the Collector Lanes from west of Allen Road to Avenue Road.

Project Time Frame

This project will commence in August 2013 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.